Atari Game Brain

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Release Date: 31/5/1978
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: -
Supported Game Media:

Game Brain is an unreleased home console that was supposed to be released by Atari in June of 1978. The console was going to be released in order to use CPUs from unsold dedicated consoles and not as a big seller. However, the dedicated home consoles was starting to become obsolete and in their place home consoles with removable ROM cartridges were starting to be manufactured. Atari never released the Game Brain in the market. Three units are known to exist along with 5 prototype cartridges.

The console has 4 directional buttons, one fire button and a paddle in each side. The games was going to be inserted at the top of the console. Game Brain was going to have 10 games:

  • Pong

  • Stunt Cycle

  • Super Pong

  • Super Pong ProAm

  • Super Pong ProAm 10

  • Super Pong 10

  • Ultra Pong

  • Ultra Pong Doubles

  • Video Music

  • Video Pinball