Manufacturer: Cybiko Inc.
Predecessor: -
Successor: Cybiko Xtreme
Release Date: 31/3/2000
Discontinued Date: 31/12/2002
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 4 shades of gray
Initial Price: $99
Supported Game Media:

Cybiko is a handheld console released in 2000 by Cybiko Inc. The system was used mainly for text messaging in a radius of 300 meters. A few years later mobile phones entered the global market leading to Cybiko's discontinuation. It had also more than 430 games and applications. Weighting 122g it uses a QWERTY keyboard that can be used with a stylus and has an LCD screen with 4 levels grayscale and 160x100 dots screensize. There is also a port for an MP3 add-on. The sales of the console was more than 50,000 units in the end of 2000.

There are two version of Classic Cybiko. The first one has a power switcher and the second uses the escape button to control power. The only other difference inside is the internal memory and the location of the firmware. Lastly, a 1MB Expansion Memory Card can be used to give more RAM and storage space to the device. Some programs will not run without the extra memory card.

Cybiko Xtreme is the successor of Cybiko.