Bentley Compu-Vision

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Release Date: 31/12/1982
Discontinued Date: -
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Display Palette: -
Supported Game Media:

Compu-Vision is one of the latest pong based home consoles released by Bentley in 1983. Compu-Vision has 4 games, all based on the classic pong game: Tennis, Soccer, Squash and Solo Handball. The controllers are essentially 2 wired paddles that can be extracted from the console. It uses 4 AA batteries as a power source or a DC 6V power supply while there is no built-in speaker· the volume is adjusted from the television.

On the console there are some switches/buttons that are affecting the game play. With these the player can choose the game of his/her preference, can reset the game, can change the ball angle (steep or slight), change the ball speed (fast or slow), change the player size (small or large) and power on or power off the console.

Compu-Vision was one the latest pong home console and almost outdated at the beginning of its release.