Epoch Cassette Vision

Predecessor: TV Vader
Release Date: 29/7/1981
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 8 Colors
Initial Price: JP¥13,500
Supported Game Media:

Cassette Vision is a home console released by Epoch in 1981 in Japan. The console name is a little bit confusing, since it can be confused with the cassette tape medium. However, Cassette Vision is using cartridges as game medium.

The console was quite successful, the most successful console until Nintendo's Family Computer was released. Cassette Vision, along with the redesigned model Cassette Vision Jr. sold around 400,000 units. The initial price of the console was ¥13,500, while the games were priced at ¥4,000.

The power of the console was similar to Atari 2600. The technology of Cassette Vision appeared in 1978 and it was starting to be outdated. Thus, Epoch released a successor in 1984, the Super Cassette Vision.

The console controllers are essentially four knobs, two for each player, one for vertical and one for horizontal action and two more buttons.

When Cassette Vision was launched, only two games were released: Galaxian and Baseball. After two months two more were released. The only accessory of the console was a light gun that can be used for the Big Sports 12 cartridge. Big Sports 12 contains 12 sport games, while the four of them requires the use of the light gun. The light can be connected through the AUX connector (was removed in Cassette Vision Jr.)

The game list of the Cassette Vision is the following:

  • Kikori no Yosaku

  • Baseball – a baseball game released by Epoch in 1981 (This game was playable before it came out for the Cassette Vision with the 1978 dedicated console TV Baseball.)

  • Galaxian (This is not based on Namco's game but on Nihon Bussan's Moon Cresta)

  • Big Sports 12 – a sports game released by Epoch in 1981.

  • Battle Vader – a shoot 'em up released by Epoch in 1982. (This game was playable two years before it came out for the Cassette Vision with the 1980 dedicated console TV Vader.)

  • PakPak Monster (Inspired by Pac-Man)

  • New Baseball

  • Monster Mansion (Inspired by Donkey Kong)

  • Astro Command – an action game released by Epoch in 1983. (Inspired by Scramble)

  • Monster Block (Inspired by Pengo)

  • Elevator Panic