Mattel Auto Race

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Release Date: 31/12/1975
Discontinued Date: -
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Auto Race by Mattel released in 1976 and is the world's first electronic handheld video game. "The Race is on! Shift! Steer! Avoid the Collision! Beat the Clock!". That's what the Auto Race's box informs us and that's what the players are trying to achieve in this retro console. The player steers a car with a controller and try to avoid other cars. There is a start switch and a gear switch, making the game go faster.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to make four laps inside a specific time frame. As the manual informs us, if you could do it less than 30 seconds then you are the "World Champion", between 30 - 45 seconds you are a "Professional Driver", between 45 - 55 seconds you are "Showing Potential", between 55-65 seconds you are "Still an Amateur", between 65-75 seconds you have to "Stick To The Highways" and if you finished after more than 75 seconds then you must "Leave Car In Garage". The time limit is 99 seconds. Also if the player collide with another car then the player doesn't loose but wastes time.

Interesting facts about Auto Race:

  • The back of the box is in French

  • There is a manual inside it

  • It has a 9V Battery as a power source

  • Also an AC adapter exists